Wednesday, September 17, 2014
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Chesterfield County, South Carolina, newspaper providing complete local coverage of news, events, obituaries and sports in and around the  towns of Cheraw, Chesterfield, Jefferson, McBee, Mt. Croghan, Pageland, Patrick, Ruby, Society Hill and Wallace.

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Submitted By: Lois SellersSubmitted: 2/15/2012
The Link is much easier to read online now. Thanks.

Submitted By: Ann CrowleySubmitted: 10/18/2012
How does a person charged with manufacturing meth get out of jail so easy?Is there no punishment for this?

Submitted By: sue anne lewisSubmitted: 10/23/2012
Are you going to publish a list of candidates running for office in SC before the 11/6 election, along with their background and their party affiliation? Are you going to define what the "New" Congressional District is comprised of? With the plethora of signs all over town, I have no idea what the numbers on them refer to, nor do I have any way of knowing if I am in the "New" Congressional District. Thank you.

Submitted By: John Wadsworth Submitted: 11/11/2012

Submitted By: pamelaSubmitted: 5/8/2013
I would like to thank LEIGHTON BELL for writing an article on the truth, instead of hearsay, articles, and going out of his way to write a true story that people actually need to hear. Its funny , all other newspapers such as the Cheraw chronicle would not even write the story , but were quick to write a story on fictisious rumors that were told, but when i called with the actual truth and pictures Cheraw chronicle made me feel like Oh well you are a criminal that got off on a technicality? I am not a criminal , how dare someone write something on a person, try to take away thier dignity of something they have always had a passion for , then wont even clear up thier slanderess article that was a bunch of lies , then wont even touch an artcle on the actuall facts and truths, then have the nerve to take up for the actual , my opinion, criminal with a BADGE, because they are with the state. In my opinion these people have took my babies and sold them , MYself not knowing my rights HAVE never been in trouble before , i have never dealt with the law, so i had no idea what to do. So the only thing i can do in my defense was to have someone RESEARCH the TRUE story of what is happening, i may not be able to ever get my dogs back, but this man actually took his valuable time to write the truth on this . SO i am rambling on and all i want to say is THANK YOU LEIGHTON BELL FOR NOT MAKING ME FEEL LIKE A LOW LIFE AND WRITING THE HONEST TRUTH !!!!!! AND now with tears in my eyes you and MR JOYNER my attorney and JUDGE DAVIS , ACTUALLY WENT ON TRUE FACTS , NOT HEARSAY . The three of you are actually caring persons tht believe the truth does prevail. Thank you for making ME feel like I am actually a humane being not a number that can be judged by money hungry people needing publicity!!!!!! THANK YOU , THANK YOU , THANK YOU !!!!!

Submitted By: John CobleSubmitted: 2/10/2014
Instead of me giving an opinion, can someone that knows, please explain to me what made the cost of medicine go up? I saw on the morning news that a pharmacy was paying less than $4.00 per bottle for a certain medicine. Now they are paying more than $185.00 for the same medicine. If you have the 100% facts about this, I would like to know them myself.

Submitted By: Gary PhillipsSubmitted: 4/16/2014
Thanks and congratulations to The Link editor Leighton Bell for his excellent coverage of the Sam Parker trial. I am in another county now but have been able to get thorough daily updates on the trial here thanks to Leighton. I know he's been putting in some long days to get it all done.

Submitted By: Judie KopfmanSubmitted: 5/30/2014
Over the past months, my vision has declined, but I know where to read it best and that is ONLINE for me. I can make it as big as I want and go from article to article to get the best of each one. You have made an advancement in my daily living. Thanks you very much.

Submitted By: Virginia MortonSubmitted: 7/8/2014
Get your story straight on The Deputy who was "suppose to be arrested" for filing false report. He was not a matter of fact he did not enter the detention center..PERIOD. I am tired of this crap and the misinformation that is being spread by Sheriff's dept. Maybe Mr. Parker wasn't so bad after all. This sheriff is following in the same foot steps as to the political things he has done and covered up. By the way, this not only damages Mr. Wallace, it also does harm to my daughter and my two grandchildren! Dana does not deserve this as he was a good officer, served many years protecting and putting his life on line for citizens of Chesterfield County.


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