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Filing for candidates closes

March 30, 2018

Filing for Candidates Closes

Filing for the June 12, 2018, primary election closed at noon today.

Those filing in Chesterfield County are as follows:

Probate Judge: Gail Ingram

County Council 8: Mary Anderson

County Council 4: Douglas Curtis

County Council 3: Al Johnson

County Council 2: Gerald Miller

S.C. House District 53: Richie Yow

S.C. House District 54: Patricia “Pat” Moore Henegan

S.C. House District 65: Jay Lucas

Sheriff: Jay Brooks and James Dixon.

Congressional District 7: Tom Rice, Dick Withington, Robert Williams, Mal Hyman, Bill Hopkins and Bruce Fischer

Secretary of State: Melvin T. Whittenburg, Mark Hammond, Joshua Putnam, Nelson Faerber and Kerry Wood

State Treasurer: Sarah Work, Curtis Loftis and Rosalyn L. Glenn

Attorney General: Todd Atwater, Alan Wilson, William D. Herlong and Constance Anastopoulo,

Governor: Henry McMaster, Phil Noble, John Warren, Catherine Templeton, Kevin Bryant, Marguerite Willis, James Smith, Martin Barry and John Yancey McGill

Comptroller General: Richard Eckstrom

State Superintendent of Education: Molly Spearman and Israel Romero

Commissioner of Agriculture: Hugh Weathers, Chris Nelums and David Edmond

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