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Arrests made in home invasion

May 8, 2018

Arrests made in home invasion

The Cheraw Police Department has made four arrests in reference to armed suspects entering a home at 333 Christian St. yesterday morning while the residents were inside the home.

According to a statement by Cheraw Police Chief Keith Thomas, officers responded to a call a little after 8 a.m., but when they arrived, the suspects were no longer in the home. However, several witnesses in the area were able to give detailed information about the suspects and the vehicle that was used in the crime.

Within a few hours the Cheraw Police Department spotted the suspect vehicle at a residence on ACL Avenue and interviewed several people in and near the car. Four of the suspects reportedly confessed to their role in the home invasion. The vehicle was searched, and the clothing, as well as the handgun that was used in the robbery, were found inside the vehicle. The officer also located some of the items that were stolen from the residence.

According to the statement, those arrested were Trevion Gary, Keyon Harrison, Nicole Manning and Brian Rushing.

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