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County voters trend GOP

Nov. 3, 2020

County voters trend GOP

With a very respectable turnout of 69.33 percent in the November general election, the Chesterfield County electorate reflected the statewide results with a slight GOP trend for national, state and local races.

All results are unofficial until the county election commission certifies them later this week.

President: Donald Trump (R) 11,279, Joe Biden (D) 7,427

Senate: Lindsey Graham (R) 10,861, Jamie Harrison (D) 7,701

U.S. House: Tom Rice (R) 11,437, Melissa Watson (D) 7,369

State Senate 29: Gerald Malloy (D) 428, J.D. Chaplin (R) 327

State House 27: Vince Sheheen (D) 9,060, Penry Gustafson (R) 8,959

State House 54: Sterling McDiarmid (R) 1,770, Pat Henegan (D) 1,160

Clerk of Court: Christy Gaddy (R) 10,546, Sarah Owens (D) 8,259

County Council #5: Ben Conklin, Jr. (R) 1,178, Ben Teal (D) 1,118

School Board #5: Jamie Wayne 1,105, Stanley Potthoff 508

School Board #6: James Sweeney 1,128, Sarah Campbell 676

Sunday alcoholic beverage sales: 10,602 (Yes), 7,397 (No)

All other political races were uncontested.

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