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Turkey issues? Butterball has the answer for any turkey problem

For more than 40 years, Butterball’s Turkey Talk-Line has come to the rescue with helping folks make sure their turkey makes to the table.

It started in 1981 with six people answering 11,000 calls and has evolved to 50 people answering calls every November and December.

Turkey Talk-Line Expert Phyllis Kramer has answered calls for 22 and is more than happy to talk turkey.
The most common question asked is how to thaw the turkey.
“This is a crucial question,” she said. “People are down to the wire and so we’ll talk them through it.”
A person could buy their turkey the day before Thanksgiving and still may have it thawed in time for the big day.

It’s a little bit more work for you. But there is still time to have that wonderful Thanksgiving that you’re looking forward to,” said Kramer.

When asked what was the most unusual question she answered.

Kramer said she had many examples but gave one of a mom in the kitchen with her young son. She was making stuffing and doing things with the turkey. When she was putting the dressing in the turkey, she discovered her son had put little cars inside of it.

People call us for every kind of question,” Kramer said. “We are pretty darn good at answering well for them.”
The Turkey Talk Line isn’t just for Thanksgiving but will continue through Christmas Eve.
“It’s a wonderful service that Butterball has provided to all its consumers,” she said. “Butterball is really about togetherness, and bringing everybody together on this beautiful holiday so that we can have a nice celebration.”

Kramer attributed the longevity of the Talk Line to the fact that it is a personalized conversation and a service just for the caller.

If you go online, you can get a lot of good information but this time (on the call) is just about you and your situation.
For instance, some people have a hard time figuring out how to get everything done simultaneously when they only have one oven.

Kramer has helped people come up with a timeline. “When you’re confident in the kitchen, everybody will have a better time. When they’re when they’re stressed in the kitchen. It goes through the whole house.”

More information and answers to any turkey related questions are available at, calling the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line at 1-800-BUTTERBALL (1-800-288-8372) or texting 844-877-3456.

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