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Protest Filed After McBee Election

September 6, 2018 

Odom Files Protest After McBee Election

The final vote in the McBee election for town council yielded tallies of McLeod 212, Green 209, Odom 208, Robinson 182 and Tyner 8.

Linda Sterling, chair of the McBee Municipal Election Commission, then declared this count as the official result during the public certification of the election Thursday.

Prior to that, however, Sterling announced the unofficial results had been corrected due to an arithmetical error. At that time, the corrected unofficial results were McLeod 206, Odom 206, Green 202, Robinson 182 and Tyner 8.

The McBee MEC then accepted seven of the nine provisional ballots and two of the eight challenged absentee ballots after consulting with the candidates and the county elections office, according to Sterling.

The resulting totals were McLeod 212, Green 209, Odom 208, Robinson 182 and Tyner 8.

The top two vote-getters would typically be declared the winners of the two contested seats. 

However, Odom has filed a written letter protesting the results of the election. That protest hearing is scheduled for 9 a.m. Sept. 17 at McBee Town Hall.

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