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State Supreme Court rules in McBee election

July 25, 2019

State Supreme Court rules in McBee election

In a decision released July 24, the South Carolina Supreme Court issued its ruling regarding the results of the McBee Town Council election of Sept. 5, 2018.

The court ordered the McBee Municipal Election Commission to open the four provisional ballots and apply those votes to the totals of candidates Shilon Green and Glenn Odom, who are vying for the contested council seat. The McBee MEC will then determine the results of the election. The current vote tally is Odom 203 and Green 201.

‘We affirm the circuit court’s decision to remand the proceedings to the Commission,’ the ruling stated. ‘We modify the circuit court’s order in two ways: first, we hold section 5-15-130, standing alone, requires the four votes to be counted; second, to the extent that the circuit court’s decision can be read to order the Commission to declare Odom a prevailing candidate without the four votes first being counted, we hold the four votes must first be counted before the results of the election can be determined. We remand to the Commission and order it to unseal the four provisional votes and apply those votes to the vote totals of the candidate(s) for whom the votes were cast, with the results of the election to then be declared accordingly.’ 

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