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Green contests McBee election decision

August 1, 2019

Green contests McBee election decision

Shilon Green, erstwhile candidate for McBee Town Council, is contesting the July 29 official results of the Sept. 4, 2018, McBee Town Council election as certified by the McBee Municipal Election Commission, which declared Kemp McLeod and Glenn Odom as the top two vote-getters. 

Green is asking for a new election.

In a July 31 document submitted by Green’s counsel, Butch Bowers, Green contends: 
At least one person cast a ballot in this election even though he was not eligible to vote because he was on probation for a conviction.

‘At least two people who cast ballots in this election were offered and accepted things of value in exchange for their votes, which is fraudulent and illegal.

‘At least four people who cast ballots in this election were not lawful citizens of the Town of McBee at the time of the election and thus were not eligible to vote.

‘These contested votes will affect the outcome and results of the election. The evidence of fraud alone must invalidate the election. As a result, the McBee Election Commission must invoke its plenary powers to uphold the integrity of the electoral process and order a new election.”

More information will be posted to Breaking News as details become available.

Read the full account in the Aug. 7 issue of The Link.

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