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McBee High activity accounts no longer frozen

Sept. 12, 2019

McBee High activity accounts no longer frozen

Chesterfield County School District Superintendent Dr. Harrison Goodwin has confirmed student activity fiscal accounts are no longer frozen after a decision at Monday night’s school board meeting.

Harrison provided the information in response to a query from The Link.

General spending from the pupil activity accounts at MHS was frozen for most of the summer as a result of an investigation and audit of missing funds at the school that began three months ago.

“The accounts at McBee High are no longer frozen. I am aware that the principal is planning to meet with all coaches/sponsors to be sure that they are apprised of their account’s current balance” said Goodwin.

“While it took longer than expected, we wanted to be sure that all prior obligations had been met and accounts reconciled,” he continued.

“I am confident that Dr. McLaurin and his team will be keeping a very close eye on all accounts and from the district level we will be making sure all schools are in line with our expectations,” concluded Goodwin.

More information will be posted to Breaking News as details become available.

Read the full account in the Sept. 18 issue of The Link.

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