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Candidates file for office

March 31, 2020

Candidates file for office

A total of 35 candidates have thrown their hats into the ring for 17 different local and state offices that will be contested in the June primary and the November general election. Eight of the 17 races have at least two filed candidates, while the remaining have no opposition. The two-week filing period ended Monday, March 30.

The offices, candidates and political party are listed below with the following party abbreviations: C = Constitution, D = Democrat, L = Libertarian and R = Republican.

County Council 1: Eddie Rivers (D)

County Council 5: Ben Teal (D), Benjamin Conklin, Jr. (R)

County Council 6: Hattie Burns (D)

County Council 7: Ralph Watson (D)

County Council 9: Rhett Butler (D), Mark Ingram (D)

Solicitor: Will Rogers (D)

Auditor: Jack Rivers (D)

Coroner: Kip Kiser (D)

Treasurer: Fred Harris (D)

Clerk of Court: Christy Gaddy (R), Sarah Owens (D)

State House 53: Richie Yow (R)

State House 54: Patricia Henegan (D), Sterling McDiarmid (R)

State House 65: Jay Lucas (R)

State Senate 27: Vincent Sheheen (D), Penry Gustafson (R)

State Senate 29: Gerald Malloy (D), J.D. Chaplin (R) , Ronald Chapman (R)

U.S. House 7: Tom Rice (R), William H. Williams (D), Melissa Watson (D), Robert Williams (D), Larry Hammond (L)

U.S. Senate: Lindsey Graham (R), Duke Buckner (R), Michael LaPierre (R), Joe Reynolds (R), Jamie Harrison (D), Bill Bledsoe (C), Keenan Dunham (L), David Weikle (L)

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